Nicole (pinkys_fic) wrote,

A lesson on strength, PG, (gelphie)

Title: A Lesson on Strength
Pairing: Gelphie, implied Fiyeraba, Nessaba, and Galinda/Nessa
Rating: PG
Notes: Musicalverse fits in over the cornfield scene...*shrug*

Upon spotting her in the clearing, Elphaba couldn’t help but give pause, breath stilling in her lungs. Glinda. As the humming of that wretched farm girl faded, so did Glinda, leaving in her place, the innocent beauty that had so consumed every moment of Elphaba’s existence since they’d parted on the streets of the Emerald City lifetimes ago. The sight stirred something inside her, in the place where her soul would’ve been, had she possessed one.

And when the beauty cried (for that was the only way Elphaba could describe her), she wanted nothing more than to rush forward and take Galinda in her arms. But the reality of it, the anger, stopped her. It was merely a mirage. The woman who had plagued her memories day and night no longer existed. That much was clear from what Elphaba had seen, what she had heard. Not that she believed everything she heard, of course. Her informants were inclined to sully Glinda’s reputation as much as the citizens of Oz were apt to tarnish hers (or was it really tarnishing, if it had been rather dull to begin with?). Still, the evidence was clear, Glinda was operating very much on a political level…

“Oh, Nessa…” Elphaba was snapped from her reverie by Glinda’s voice, recalling that she had, for once, come with the purpose of showing herself, of obtaining something.

“How dare you. You have no right…” The venom in her own tone startled Elphaba, but she didn’t show it.

“Elphie.” And just like that, Galinda was before her. Elphaba swore under her breath.

“First, you give away my shoes, and now you pretend to grieve?”

“If the shoes were so important, you’d be after them by now.” Glinda turned from her and moved away, toward the edge of the clearing, but paused there, head bowed. “And who am I pretending for, your Eminence?”

This, Elphaba hadn’t considered. And even now, there were tears laced thickly in Glinda’s tone.

“I’ve got more means than some child, Glinda. Silly me, wanting to pay some respect to my sister.” Falling to her knees, Elphaba pressed her palm to the cool grass, as if Nessa could feel her. Her fingers disappeared amongst the blades. She looked up again.

“She was mine, too,” Glinda whispered. “You left us both, so what of that?”

Scrutinizing Glinda’s back for a long moment, Elphaba’s expression turned to shock, her jaw slackening.

“You loved her.”

Blonde curls shook, and Glinda turned her head. “No, I loved you. And you loved her, so I took your place. In every way.”

There was a rustling somewhere behind them both and Elphaba tensed. “Glinda, I--.”

“Don’t move, witch, or we’ll shoot.”

The commotion of the next ten minutes was lost on the green girl. There was suddenly so much she wanted to say. But even as Fiyero came to her rescue, she knew that it didn’t matter. Glinda knew it all anyway, and they would meet again, she was sure of it. With one final glance, Elphaba fled, forcing herself, just like always, to stop dwelling on the past, and to focus on the task at hand. There was a farm girl to be had. The blonde could wait. Would wait. That, if nothing else, kept her strong.
Tags: gelphie
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