Nicole (pinkys_fic) wrote,

Good Morning (Fedbutz) G

So here's a real first...Fedbutz fluff. Hehe. Pre-Ainsley, for obvious reasons. Except none of you really know who Ainsley is, so it doesn't matter.

Title: Good Morning
Pairing: Fedbutz (Michelle Federer and Norbert Leo Butz)
Rating: GGGG. Okay, maybe PG? Haha.

For the fourth morning in a row, Norbert stood anxiously outside the bathroom door, listening to Michelle wrethcing. When there finally seemed to be some silence, he knocked softly.

“Chelle?” he called, worried.

“Come in,” she called weakly.

She was sitting against the wall nexto to the toilet looking rather pale.

“Maybe we should take you to the doctor…” Nocbert suggested cautiously.


Norbert blinked. He’d been prepared to argue. She was actually agreeing to go to the doctor? Something was obviously very wrong.

“Okay…I’ll go make an appointment,” he offered.

“Call Dr. Lindon.”

“Dr. Lindon?” Norbert asked, confused. “Isn’t she your…”

“OB/GYN, yeah,” Michelle finished, nodding.

They stared at each other for several seconds before Norbert broke into a smile, dropping to his knees before his wife.


Michelle nodded, matching his smile, albeit a little feebly.

“We’re going to have a baby,” she whispered.

“I’m…we’re…” Norbert looked slightly baffled. All Michelle could do was laugh and nod. They were going to have a baby.
Tags: fedbutz
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