Nicole (pinkys_fic) wrote,

Drabbles: Blood is Thicker (Gelphie), Obligation (Nessaba), Body and Spirit (Nessinda) PG13

I totally thought I was done with this...triangle, but it popped up again and would not leave me alone. Again, I start with a warning...
This fic contains somewhat incestual material. If that bothers you, don't read it. kthx.

Title(s): Blood is Thicker, Obligation, Body and Spirit
Pairing(s): G(a)linda/Elphaba, Elphaba/Nessa, and Glinda/Nessa
Rating: overall...I'd say hard PG13, for squick factor and not-so-light themes.
Word Count: 3 drabbles, 100 each. 300 words. I can do math!

Galinda had noticed that with Nessarose, things were different. Around Nessa, Elphaba became reserved. Galinda missed the old Elphaba, but all she could do was observe: the way Nessa spoke to Elphaba, the way she reacted when Elphaba touched her, always a little more than sisterly. The blonde pointedly ignored it, less out of disgust than jealousy. Galinda wished she could speak to Elphaba like that, be touched by her.

And then she got her wish. But there was always something missing, because no matter how close Galinda and Elphaba became, Nessa was closer. Blood was far thicker than water.


Elphaba wasn't sure when her relationship with Nessa had stopped being an obligation. First, Nessa had pleaded with her, "kiss me" and "touch me" and she'd obliged. At some point, Nessa had stopped asking, because Elphaba just did it. And then there was school…and Galinda. But that wasn't enough, nothing changed.

A kiss, Galinda's kiss had changed it all. Nessa didn't believe her. Didn't believe that Elphaba could love anybody else. Elphaba didn't have the heart to tell her that she couldn’t love anybody. But Galinda was lovely, and Elphaba wanted to give her everything. Nessa could never understand.


Nessa was jealous. Even before it became serious, Galinda caught her sister’s attention in a way Nessa knew she never would. Who could blame her? Despite her jealousy, she found Galinda beautiful.

When Elphaba told her she wanted to stop, Nessa refused. Galinda may have taken Elphaba’s heart, but she wouldn’t take Elphaba’s body, too.

Glinda returned from the Emerald City in tears. Nessa almost wanted to laugh. Instead, she invited Glinda to the garden where they’d both moaned Elphaba’s name. Nessa knew she had them both in body; that was enough. Afterall, what was the soul without it?
Tags: drabbles, gelphie, nessaba, nessinda, wicked
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