Nicole (pinkys_fic) wrote,

Title: Alone
Pairing(s): Glinda/Dorothy. Mentions of Gelphie.
Rating: R
Notes: Not mine, not real. This fic, as one could see from the pairings, contains sexual acts with a minor. And it is of the non-consensual variety. But it is very vague. So much angst, herein. I'm still not entirely happy with the end result,'s been in my head for far too long and I just needed to get rid of it.

It wasn’t until she looked into the child’s eyes that Glinda truly knew why the entire day had caused such unease, such turmoil inside her. It had been shrugged off, dismissed as a result of losing her betrothed, of losing the last shred of Elphaba, under the crushing weight of a house that had never been anywhere near her. But Nessa was all Glinda had left, and then she was gone, just as quickly as the others, leaving Glinda to wonder what she had done to deserve this unbearable punishment.

The eyes of the one who had taken the fragments of her soul and unwittingly shattered them, were too much for Glinda to bear. Staring into them, she saw the smaller, less viridian, but no less brave shadow of Elphaba. It wasn’t something she could explain, even in hindsight. The child showed no hint of knowing who Elphaba was, or anything about Oz at all, which seemed all too useful until Glinda came to the rather abrupt realization that the girl before her was incapable of lying. No, she was far too innocent for that. It was the only true difference between the girl in front of her and the one miles away. It angered her so; filled her to the brim with more than she could handle, but not a single crack showed, for when Glinda politely offered to take Dorothy in for the night (that was her name, Glinda learned, and she despised it immediately), the girl gave not the slightest hint of fear.

Hours later, under the cover of night, Dorothy cried, and when she met Glinda’s eyes, the woman noted with a hint of smug disgust that much of the innocence was gone. The girl didn’t object, didn’t shy away when Glinda touched her the second time, or the third, and said nothing (for what could she say?) at Glinda’s coaxing words to her dear Elphie. She sucked obediently when Glinda offered her fingers to be cleaned, and then both fell into an exhausted slumber, Dorothy’s silent sobbing causing the bed to tremble.

Sometime, in the early hours, Glinda woke and fled, sick with herself at the sight of the girl in her bed, borrowed nightgown far too loose, making her appear so much smaller, the moonlight lending an innocent glow.

“See what you’ve done?” Glinda cried, voice echoing against the darkness. No one could see her like this. “Do you see, Elphaba?”

She landed her fist with such force on the rail of the balcony, it pulsed with pain, and then she slid to the floor, shivering and crying until the light crept over the horizon, bleeding into the sky until the stars faded. Composing herself, Glinda went to the lavatory to wash. She’d made up her mind. Dorothy would have what she sought. Glinda was entitled, after all, to do as she pleased. She had been more of a sister to Nessa than Elphaba had, these past few years. The thought of causing Elphaba even a little pain gave her quite vindictive pleasure.

Later, when Elphaba appeared in the clearing to pay her respects, however, Glinda wasn’t the least bit smug. She ached to the point of tears, and when Elphaba looked at her, Glinda couldn’t help but think that somehow, she knew everything. She always did.

In her dreams that evening, Elphaba was there.

“What has become of me?” Glinda whispered, tearful and desperate for some sort of forgiveness.

“I see you, my sweet.” Elphaba kissed her and it tasted metallic. Glinda’s own cry of pain woke her, and she was unsurprised to find she’d nearly bitten her lip clean through.

“Then help me, Elphie, please.” But in wakefulness, she was well and truly alone.
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